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SFAC Match list /Work Parties 2023
All matches Sundays / work parties Saturdays

4th Brafferton – F1 Lake (Away Day series Rd 4)
11th Silky Top Lake Series (Rd 4)
17th Work Party meet 9am
18th Norman Griffin Memorial (Bottom Lake series Rd 5)
25th Rising Sun – Lake 2 (Away Day series Rd 5)

2nd Silky Top Lake Series (Rd 5)
9th Silksworth Summer Open (Bottom Lake)
16th Angel of the North – Lookout Lake (Away Day series Rd 6)
23rd SIlksworth (Bottom Lake series Rd 6)
30th Silky Top Lake Series (Rd 6)

6th The Oaks – Poplars (Away Day series Rd 7)
13th Tony Kidd Trophy (Bottom Lake series Rd 7)
20th Silky Top Lake Series (Rd 7)
27th Brafferton – Spring Lake (Away Day series Rd 8)

3rd Silky Top Lake Series (Rd 8)
10th The Oaks – Poplars (Away Day series Rd 9)
24th Silksworth Autumn Open (Bottom Lake)