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1. All anglers using club waters, associated waters or attending club matches or outings, must have in their possession, a valid club card or day ticket and a valid EA licence.

2. It is the duty of every member to challenge and inspect the club card, day ticket and licence of anyone using club waters who they do not recognise. You must show your club card and licence first to give you this authority.

3. Members must only use recognised paths to the waterside and not trespass or light fires, damage trees or river banks. You must not leave gates open, insult any land owner, tenant or employee associated with the land or commit any misconduct that could damage the clubs reputation.

4. Anglers may use a maximum of two rods at any one time. Others must be un baited and facing away from the water. (Anglers with night fishing permission may use 3 rods dusk till dawn only) All rods may only be fished half way between you and the next angler. Adjacent unused pegs may be cast to until someone wishes to occupy them then all rods must be confined to your own swim.

5.Keepnets must be knotless at least 8ft in length with rings of not less than 15 inch diameter or 15'' by 12" if rectangular and rings spaced no more than 12" apart along the full length.

6. No fish to be removed from club waters.

7. No fish to be transferred from peg to peg.

8. Landing nets must be knotless and assembled before fishing. All fish over 2 ounces to be landed with a net. All anglers must be in possession of a landing net. Carp anglers nets must have a minimum 36 inch length arms.

9. No Carp in keep nets or Carp sacks.

10. Boilies in moderation only

11. Only 1kg of ground bait per session (dry weight )

12. Strictly no tins containing bait allowed on club waters.

13. Fishing from permanent pegs only. (The coffin and dam are not pegs)

14. No scraping for blood worm ( both lakes )

15. No memberships, licences or tickets to be transferred.

16. Radios or any music players are not allowed on any club waters.

17. No spinning, live or dead baiting allowed on Silksworth.

18. No fish in keepnets more than 5 hrs.

19. No litter to be left. You are responsible for litter on and around your peg. Keep the waterside tidy at all times. Remember discarded line can kill wildlife.

20. Any other EA ruling must be adhered to.

21. No baits to be fished on the surface.

22. No fixed rigs. Leads and feeders must be able to eject from the line in the event of snapping off.

22. Carp anglers must be in possession of an unhooking mat.

23. All anglers must be in possession of a disgorger or forceps.

24. Always place fish back in the water, never throw them.

25 When targeting the larger carp use appropriate gear, not match rods and 4lb line. !0lb line min and proper Carp rods are a must.

26. Night fishing is by arrangement only. Applications to the Membership secretary (one year previous membership required)

These rules are subject to change and this may have already occurred, so if a bailiff approaches you and informs you of a rule that is not written here or one that has been removed or changed. Please don't wave this sheet in anger, just be tolerant. Rules are in place for the safety of our fish and the smooth running of our club. Often all that's needed is a little common sense.


1  Minimum 10lb line.

2. Three rods allowed if 5 or less anglers present (2 E.A Licences required). If anymore anglers arrive all must reduce down to two rod.  All rods may only be fished half way between you and the next angler. Adjacent unused pegs may be cast to until someone wishes to occupy them then all rods must be confined to your own swim.

3. No braided main line

4. Strictly no tins of any sort allowed around either lake.

5. No litter to be left.

6. No fish to be removed

7. No keepnets or Carp sacks

8. No match rods or feeder rods ( even if it does say Carp on them ) Proper sturdy 
carp rods only

9. All anglers must have a well padded unhooking mat and large landing net. Min 36 

10. No tackle to obstruct the foot path.

11. No interfering with wild life

12. Members of the public are to be treated with respect at all times

13. Night fishing by prior arrangement with the committee ( at least one 
previous years membership required)

14. Senior members only

15. No day tickets will be sold for this lake