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1.The Date,time,location and duration of the match shall be stated on the match lists.Both printed and/or on the club web site.
2.All matches will be a pegged competition.No peg can be drawn once the match commences,pegs may be drawn until that time.
3.The signal to commence and end fishing will be made by the match secretary or his appointed deputy.
4.Competitors on stillwaters must fish from permanently marked pegs or a temporary peg designated by the match secretary.
5.Fishing must be kept within the confines of his allotted peg.Therefore fishing only as far as half the distance between the peg drawn and the peg either side.If competitors are opposite or adjacent then a line halfway between the two shall be observed.
6.Competitors on flowing water shall fish either from the permanent (or temporary) peg drawn downstream to within one metre of the next peg.If competitors are opposite then a line halfway between the two shall be observed.
7.No competitor shall move or exchange their drawn peg unless they have permission from the match secretary or his appointed deputy.
8.All fish retained must so be done in a 'fish friendly' knotless keepnet at least 2.5m(8ft) long with circular rings of a minimum 38cm(15in) diameter or,if rectangular,38cm(15in)x30cm(12in).The rings on both shall be no more than 30cm(12in) apart along its length.The keepnet should be fully extended and staked if necessary,the fish should be carefully transferred into the keepnet and care taken when transferring them to the weighsling from the keepnet.
9.All fish must be returned to the water after weighing not transferred back into the keepnet.
10.Only one rod or pole may be used at any given time,others may be set up,but facing away from the water unbaited.
11.Competitors must only fish between the start and finish time,anglers who have a fish on, or hook a fish, as 'time' is called must shout "fish on".They will then have a maximum of fifteen minutes to land said fish otherwise it will be discounted.All tackle must be withdrawn from the water when the match ends with the call of 'time'.
12.All fish over 2oz should be landed using a landing net which shall be knotless and 'fish friendly',assembled before fishing commences.
13.Before the match starts,no feeding of the swim in any manner is allowed.The water may be broken to plumb the depth(no swimfeeders),check float,place banksticks,put out keepnet,clearing obstructions or obtaining water for mixing of groundbait(this must be mixed away from the water).
14.No live/deadbaiting,spinning or re-hooking.
15.All loosefeed and grounbait shall be fed by hand,catapult, throwing stick,bait dropper,swmfeeder or pole cups/pots.No other mechanical devices may be used.Bait cannot be introduced via pole pot/cup or bait dropper attached to an extra rod/pole while cotinuing to fish.
16.A maximum of 1Kg(2.2lb) of dry groundbait to be used.
17.A competitor must strike,play and land their own fish.
18.No bait or equipment can be given to any angler during a match.
19.No carp over 2.2Kg(5lb) to be kept in keepnets(the match secretary must be informed if a larger carp is caught and weighing in and release will be arranged)
20.No competitor will be weighed in if any litter (theirs or not) is present on their peg.It must be picked up.
21.Weights will be recorded to the nearest half ounce or twenty five grammes rounded up.Scales shall be zeroed in before each competitor is weighed.
22.Pools are optional at all club matches.Juniors are not allowed to enter pools.
23.Monies will be paid out at a rate of approx 50%,30% and 20% dependent on the numbers of people in the pools.Where numbers allow, sections will be put in and paid out at 100% although those picking up main prize moneywill not pick up section money also.
24.Series matches will be decided on points at the end of the series,with first place receiving 1 point,second 2 points and so on.Lowest score overall wins unless a draw occurs,then overall weight is taken into consideration.
25.All competitors must have their weight recorded.
26.The match secretary, his deputys' or scalesmans word is final.
27.Any competitor breaking any club or match rules during a match will not be allowed to continue.They shall be asked to attend the next committee meeting to explain their actions.
28.Any competitor found guilty of cheating will be banned from all matches associated with S.F.A.C.
29.Any complaints or objections must be made to the match secretary or club official within ten minutes after the end of the match.The complaint will be dealt with by the match secretary on the day or passed onto the committee depending upon the seriousness of the offence.All prizes and pools will be retained pending the outcome of the committees decision.All competitors involved will be asked to attend the next committee meeting to put all points forward to aid the committees decision.The committees decision on the matter will be final.

NOTE:Make things easy for your match secretary and organisers.Be on time,pay your pools,draw your peg in an orderly manner and everyone will get to their peg with plenty of time to spare.(Remember,your match secretar wants to enjoy fishing the match too).
Accept the scalesmeans weight,if you disagree get a third party witness.
Don't spoil the day arguing over the draw or the weigh-in.