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1. Minimum 10 lb line

2. Three rods allowed if 5 or less anglers present (2 E.A Licences required). If
anymore anglers arrive all must reduce down to two rod

3. No braided main line.

4. Strictly no tins of any sort allowed around either lake.

5. No litter to be left.

6. No fish to be removed

7. No keepnets or Carp sacks

8. No match rods or feeder rods ( even if it does say Carp on them ) Proper sturdy
carp rods only

9. All anglers must have a well padded unhooking mat and large landing net. Min 36

0. No tackle to obstruct the foot path.

11. No interfering with wild life

12. Members of the public are to be treated with respect at all times

13. Night fishing by prior arrangement with the committee ( at least one
previous years membership required)

14. Senior members only

15. No day tickets will be sold for this lake