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10th Silksworth starter
No winner everyone blanked
17th Away Day  Carrs(silver  fish)
1st. Ian Foster Peg7 .18lb-5oz
2nd .Andrew McNeill/ Daz Aspey both 10lb-4oz. 

24th  Away Day Hebron Lake.
1st Darren Stanford ,Peg 17 ,3lb-3oz
2nd. Mick Doyle / Adam Garrett joint with 1lb 3oz from Peg 6 and Peg 2 .
7th Steve Brown Memorial
Everyone blanked
14th   Stonebridge Lake Away Day
1st.Roger Turner ,Peg 7 ,49lb 8oz
2nd George Atkin ,Peg 9 , 40lb 4oz,
3rd .Adam Garrett ,Peg 27 ,23lb 10oz.
28th Away Day Brafferton
1st. Craig Kent 14lb 2oz .Peg 69
2nd .Ian Foster 13lb 1oz .Peg 60
3rd. Reece Nordstrom .9lb 3oz . Peg 50 
5th Away Day Risng Sun (Lake 1)
1st .Keith Garrett .Peg 8 . 57lb -9oz
2nd. Craig Kent ,peg 10 ,40lb -2oz
3rd.Ian Foster ,Peg 3 , 27lb-1oz 
12th Ernie Flint Trophy Silksworth
1st. Andrew McNeil, Peg 25 ,6lb-15oz
2nd .Darren Stanford ,Peg 22 ,6lb -12oz .
3rd. Mick Doyle ,Peg 28 ,3lb , 
19th Away day Woodlands(Dragondfly/Swallow
1st . Darren Stanford ,72lb-14oz.
2nd.Craig Kent ,66lb-4oz
3rd.Reece Nordstrom, 28lb-15oz 
26th Top Lake OPEN
1st. Keith Garrett 9lb 9oz
2nd .Andrew McNeill 8lb 12oz
3rd .Adam Garrett .6lb 4oz
2ND  Norman Griffin Trophy
1st Darren Stanford 5lb 6oz (peg 26)
2nd Ian foster 4lb 14oz (peg 28) 
16th Away Day Stonebridge
1st Andrew McNeil - 54lb 12oz - peg 32A
2nd Lee downs - 31lb 4oz - peg 29
3rd Mike Smith - 17lb 1oz - peg 9 
30th Away day Eden Grange
1st Adam Garrett : 56lb 13oz (peg 57)
2nd Peter Smith : 55lb 11oz (peg 63)
3rd Lee Rump : 43lb 6oz (peg 62)  
  7th Silksworth Open
1st Adam Garrett : 12lb 12oz (peg 23)
2nd Keith Garrett : 5lb 3oz (peg 28)
3rd Darren Stanford 4lb 12oz (peg 12)