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29th Carrs (silverfish lake)
(13 pegs Pole Trophy)

5th Steve Brown Memorial
19th Carrs Match Lake
26th Silksworth Top Lake Open

3rd Away Day Forest Lane (The Vale)
10th Ernie Flint Trophy
17th Away Day Woodlands T.B.A.
24th Carrs Match Lake
31st Silksworth Open

7th Silksworth Top Lake Open
14th Away Day Brafferton (L/H Spring Lake)
21st Away Day Rising Sun Lake 2
28th Woodlands T.B.A

5th Away Day Brafferton (Ghost 21 to 40)
12th Away Day Forest Lane (Furlong 18 pegs)
19th Away Day Carrs Lake 2
26th Silksworth Top Lake Open

2nd Norman Griffin Trophy
9th Away Day Brafferton (F1 L/H Pegs 1 to 19)
16th Woodlands T.B.A
23rd Rising Sun (Lake 3)
30th Carrs Match Lake

6th Away Day The Oaks (Cedar)
13th Silksworth Top Lake Open
20th Tony Kidd Trophy (Rods Only)

4th Away Day Rising Sun (Lake 1)

Match Secretary  Roy Gillett. Home tel. 0191 584  0884
Mobile 07830517558
Assistant Match Secretary Darren Stanford. Mobile 07914169399